The How and Why


Workplace Safety and Risk Management just evolved with tamper-resistant solutions with a tap. Secure cloud technology combined with real-time data collection means your Risk Management reporting is up to date to the second.

 Because we know that workplace safety isn’t a one size fits all model.

We know organisation processes can be confusing, time consuming and task heavy, and we want to lift this burden from your organisation. We don’t care if your business is a one-person show or a multinational conglomerate, you deserve gold-service and delivery.

BERTS is about enterprise protection and reducing the risk- with integrity whilst nurturing business to business relationships.

Many organizations are scrutinized and left trying to manage safety, and risk management compliance with a one size fits all model. The risk of loss of resources, money and time is compounding. Many businesses aren’t meeting their requirements, which leaves them wide open for both tragedy and harsh consequences. The time has come for diligence and customized care that doesn’t cost the earth. 

BERTS presents the refreshing philosophy that one size indeed doesn’t fit all when it comes to safety and risk management.

You don’t want a band-aid for a broken leg solution,”We have witnessed repeated feedback: the complex issues facing us are being transformed into user-friendly and simple options.  

This is alongside a complimentary BERTS assistant ( a real person!)  something that is bound to shake up the Safety and Risk Tech industry. 

We see many organizations weighed down with complex and expensive systems and a real difficulty in managing data collection that is ‘fiddle proof’ and automated.  We see it as our service to the Business Community as a whole to help them keep afloat of issues and become stronger than ever before.

Our Why

We love what we do, we love developing relationships built on integrity. It makes everyone feel good! We are so excited about how technology can simplify and assist people in business, and the excitement combined with a passion for safety is infectious in our company culture. 

This philosophy in addition to a passionate team has seen the company go from strength to strength, a philosophy echoed by the voice of industry!

Who Are We?

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