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Ensuring your workplace risk and safety plan targets the areas of greatest risk while delivering a response that meets the legislative requirements is not an easy feat in the transport industry.

Time constraints, bottom line delivery, resources and demands on the engine that drives the front end of business often take priority. Which means you need workplace risk management solutions that are simple. Really simple.

The risk of NOT simplifying now that the technology is here,  is too high. Managing risks is not only ethical and necessary to protect life and health for those in that space,  but it can also have an irreparable impact on your organization’s health and resources.

Breaching can carry hefty fines and consequences. So how do you fulfill the requirements without pouring so many resources into it and pulling your hair out with managing it all? It might be a problem for you and your operation.

The industry is rife with problems in need of a real answer, so we have invested our time and resources with drivers, driver-owners and small to large transport businesses and government departments to find a tried and tested, exciting solution…

All your checks and procedures, done. All you need is a smart phone.

Examples of just some of the solutions we provide; fully customised to your enterprise:


Pre-Vehicle Checks

Forklift Equipment and Management Checks

SWMS documents

Automotive mechanical updates

Fire Safety

Roster Management

Line Management


Incidence reports  

Material Safety Data Sheets

Staff checklists


There is not much we can’t do at BERTS HQ. We have the new tech; it is reliable, tamper-proof and state of the art.

What is it worth to your business to NOT save time, money and staff in risk management while maintaining best practice?

Using state of the art tech created just for you that is legislation and governance compliant means that Safety is only a tap away.

Our team will create your fully customised Risk Management solutions at less than the price you’ve been paying. Because we know that workplace safety isn’t a one size fits all model.

We don’t care if your business is a one-person show or a multinational conglomerate, you deserve gold-service and delivery.

Protecting your investment, protecting your staff, protecting your business, and protecting you just got so simple. Congratulations and welcome to BERT!




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