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Resources aren’t always in abundance in Government and Non-for- Profit organisations, trying to make them stretch while maintaining best practise is often a balancing act on a very tight rope.

We know organisation processes can be confusing, time consuming and task heavy, and we want to lift this burden from your organisation. Communities in need require so much and we are here to help you make that happen, while saving money and time, so your resources can go to where they are needed the most.


Workplace Safety and Risk Management just evolved with tamper-resistant solutions with a tap. Secure cloud technology combined with real-time data collection means your Risk Management reporting is up to date to the second.

Using state of the art tech created just for your organisation  that is legislation and governance compliant means that Safety is only a tap away.

Our team will create your fully customised Risk Management solutions at less than the price you’ve been paying. Because we know that workplace safety isn’t a one size fits all model.


Cost effective enterprise risk solutions and nurturing relationships built on integrity- this is who we are.

Here is a small selection of what we do:


Event management tech solutions


Pre-Vehicle Checks

Equipment and Management Checks

SWMS documents

Automotive mechanical updates

Fire Safety

Roster Management

Equipment Maintenance

Incidence reports  

Material Safety Data Sheets

Staff checklists



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